Easy Dinners To Make On Busy Week Nights

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1. Vegetable Garden Linguine

Vegetable Garden Linguine

Satisfying your pasta craving doesn’t have to leave you stuffed. Recipe here.


2. One-Pan Parmesan-Crusted Salmon with Roasted Broccoli

One-Pan Parmesan-Crusted Salmon with Roasted Broccoli

Maximal awesomeness, minimal clean-up. Recipe here.


3. Heirloom Caprese Strata

Heirloom Caprese Strata

Christine Byrne / Via buzzfeed.com

Absolutely the best way to use up leftover bread. Recipe here.


4. Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Dana Gallagher / marthastewart.com

More chicken than salad, which is the way to be. Recipe here.


5. Sausage and Arugula Pasta Salad

Sausage and Arugula Pasta Salad

Farideh Sadeghin / saveur.com

Be sneaky and serve weekend side dishes as weeknight mains. Recipe here.


6. Vegan Spinach Mac and Cheese

Vegan Spinach Mac and Cheese

Why not kick meatless monday up a notch? Recipe here.


7. Warm Balsamic Steak and Vegetable Medley

Warm Balsamic Steak and Vegetable Medley

Anyone would want to come home to this. Recipe here.

Source : buzzfeed.com


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