Best way to answer “How many guys have you dated?”

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You can’t help to want to know about the person you are starting to like and what kind of relationships they were in before.

It’s same for both men and women.

By asking about an ex, men try to see whether or not you like him, or if you can have a serious relationships.

And the question they use for it is “How many ex boyfriends do you have?”

You’ll wonder whether or not to tell the truth no matter what.

I’ll introduce you the best manner to answer the question.

■1.Don’t hesitate with “Well…..”

“When a girl is like “Well…” and hesitates, I’d think she’s dated so many guys and maybe doesn’t even remember how many. And, it just means she’s trying to lie anyway.”(20 year  old/Student)

It’s understandable to hesitate thinking “Should I tell the truth? Say more than what it is? Or pretend to be a pure person?” when you’re asked the question out of nowhere.

But men would notice if you hesitate too much.

It is an idea to decide the number just in case you’d be asked the question so you wouldn’t hesitate.

■2.Cheat with a safe number

“No guys would think ‘I’m lucky to be with a popular girl’. If you’re in early 20s, it’s probably fine to just say 3-4 guys.”(21歳/学生)

Men do not like a girl to have too many exes. But having zero exes would make them think there’s something wrong with you, so you need to answer something normal. If you’re in 20s, around 3-5 is the best. However, there are a few men who’d think…”I don’t want her to have any exes!”…

■3.Don’t give the details

“There’s no need to tell how long you were with the guy or how he looked. This can just be asked in general conversation and does not necessarily mean he likes you.

(25 year old/TV company)

By letting him know “they are you’re type!” or “I always date a man for a long time and that’s why I haven’t dated many men!” doesn’t do much. Some men don’t even mind a girl’s past. So you don’t need to let men like that know about all the information. Just answer it if you are asked

■4.Ask back “What about you?” and change the subject

“I was once asked back by a girl and ended up not even getting any answer from her. I was impressed how well she dealt with it.”(20 year old/Student)

If you’re the kind of person who wants to be honest with the person you like, then ask the same thing back to him and talk about him. You might be able to get away with not answering or lying if you do well.

The past is what you can’t help but to care about if you like someone. Reference the list above and get through the question! Be ready!

(Shiori Matsumiya/ハウコレ)


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