【JAPAN】Superhero “Ultraman Seven” Appearance In Akihabara→Questioned By Police

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 Japanese TV superhero which is very popular among kids, Ultraman. It first aired in 1966 and continued over the years. There are Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Neos, Ultraman Seven etc., it has different name for each generation of Ultraman.

And one of them, Ultraman Seven appeared in Akihabara, Tokyo and got people’s attention. Many people saw him and posted photos online live.

The superhero must have seem suspicious, as he got questioned by police.

 These are what people posted live online….

-Ultraman Seven was questioned by police after work in Akihabara.

-Ultraman’s questioned by police!

-Ultraman Seven was in Akihabara! And he was getting questioned by police!!!!

-O M G! Ultraman seven is getting questioned by police in Akihabara.

-Ultraman got questioned.ha

-I saw Ultraman seven in Akabane!! I was so shocked!


There is the Ultraman Seven in Akabane station! lol

-I saw Ultraman Seven when I got off a train. LOL

-Ultraman is probably working like us too…

-Ultraman came on Soumu-Line.

-Ultraman on Soumu-Line(*^^*)

-Found Ultraman in Shinjuku station. lol

He was questioned by police after this picture was taken.


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