Beautiful Picasso-Inspired Tattoos You Need To See

WORLD Warotter

1. This perfectly replicated Head of a Woman:


2. This adorable recreation of The Dog:


3. This masterfully executed Violin:


4. This sleeve that incorporates Girl before a Mirror:


5. This beautiful rendition of La Lecture:


6. This sketchy portrait complete with signature:


7. This dainty take on Face, Dove:


8. This terrifically twisted inspiration:


9. This homage to Bull – plate 5:


10. This adorable owl line drawing:


11. This variation on the Dove of Peace:


12. This beautiful bullish face:


13. This take on one of his Weeping Woman pieces:


14. This interpretation of Portrait of Dora Maar:


15. This homage to The Old Guitarist:


16. This loyal tribute to The Cat:


17. This reproduction of Reading:


18. This interpretation of Le Rêve:


19. This pretty ink of Bouquet of Peace:


20. This elegant line drawing of a woman:


21. And finally this homage to the master himself.



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