How To Make Cheap Horrible Wine Drinkable

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1. Blood Orange Spritzer

Blood Orange Spritzer

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There is no better way to disguise “OK” wine than to SPRITZ it up with some soda water and citrus. Get spritzy here.


2. Mulled White Wine With Clove and Citrus

Mulled White Wine With Clove and Citrus

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Mulled white wine: for those seeking something more autumnal, less holiday. Recipehere.


3. Pomegranate Sangria

Pomegranate Sangria

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By the time all those pomegranate seeds, orange peels, and rosemary sprigs do their job, you’ll be like, “Wow! Did this wine cost a million dollars or WHAT?” Recipe here.


4. Sparkling Wine Margarita

Sparkling Wine Margarita

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Out of all the cheap wines, cheap sparkling wine is the worrrrrrrrst. But not if you turn it into a MARGARITA! Do it here.


5. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

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I don’t care if you cost only $2, you’re going inside my hot chocolate. Recipe here.


6. Rosé With Grapefruit and Gin

Rosé With Grapefruit and Gin

That subpar rosé just got a gin and grapefruit makeover. Looking good, girl. Recipehere.


7. Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

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The ultimate way to disguise how cheap that red wine is to slow-cook it with all sorts of spices and stuff for, like, a hundred years. When it’s done, it’ll taste luxe AF. Find the recipe here.


8. White Wine Punch With Cucumber and Mint

White Wine Punch With Cucumber and Mint

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When you’re throwing a party and someone brings that one bottle of “white wine” from Duane Reade, throw it into a punch bowl, add some mint and cucumber, and call it SPA WATER. Recipe here.


9. Red Wine Spritzers

Red Wine Spritzers

Literally just add soda water, maybe a handful of berries. Upgrade yourself here.


10. French 75

French 75

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For when you’re feeling classy, but are like, lol I’m broke. Recipe here.


11. Mulled Cranberry Wine

Mulled Cranberry Wine

This mulled beverage is really more about the cranberry than the wine, which is great, because that wine sucks. Recipe here.


12. Campari and White Wine Cocktail

Campari and White Wine Cocktail

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When in doubt, add Campari and ice. Find the recipe here.


13. Bee’s Knees

Bee's Knees

You could either think of this drink as a cheap cocktail or *fancy medicine*. The choice is yours. Recipe here.


14. Red Wine and Tequila Spritz

Red Wine and Tequila Spritz

Oh hi, are you my dream beverage? Are you made with affordable wine and include my favorite fruit and also tequila? Yes. Recipe here.


15. Kalimotxo


Jesal / Via

The crown jewel of how to use shitty red wine, the Kalimotxo is just equal parts Coca-Cola and red wine, served over ice. YOU’RE WELCOME. “Recipe” here.



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