Cheese Dishes You Have To Try In Melbourne

WORLD Warotter


1. The Grilled Halloumi at Hellenic Republic, Brunswick & Kew

Hellllooo halloumi! Sometimes the simple things are the best, like this grilled halloumi with quince, juniper berry, pistachio, and mint from the Greek gods at Hellenic Republic.


2. The Cheese Flight at Milk the Cow, Carlton and St Kilda

This is the only way to fly. Epic cheese matched with wines or beers from MTC. First class baby.


3. The Margherita Pizza at 400 Gradi, Brunswick East

When a humble Melbourne pie wins the world’s best margherita pizza title, you know it’s time to hotfoot it to Brunny East.


4. The Spinach & Mushroom Empanadas at El Alamo, Prahran

Cheese + pastry = match made in heaven. El Alamo stuffs these little beauties with spinach, mushies, parmesan AND mozzarella. Double the cheese and double the yum.


5. The Raclette at Maker & Monger, Prahran

Also in Prahran Market, Maker & Monger is a cheese lover’s paradise. As well as the best grilled cheese OF YOUR LIFE, they do a raclette melted on spuds that will blow your dairy-loving mind.


6. The Tiganites Patates at Gazi, Melbourne CBD

You’ll never want to eat normal chips again after tasting these bad boys, sprinkled with oregano, feta and garlic oil. George Calombaris for PM!


7. The Croque Madame at Shifty Chevre, Fitzroy

There’s nothing shifty about this cute little wine and cheese bar/cafe hybrid. Their croque madame is on crack. Just look at her, in all her gooey, toasty glory.


8. The Elote Callejero at Mamasita, Melbourne CBD

Mamasita’s famous street-style cobs with queso, chipotle mayo and lime are well worth the inevitable Collins Street queue.


9. The Lobster Mac & Cheese at Meatmaiden, Melbourne CBD

If there was a dish that could out food-porn all food porn, this would be it folks.


10. The Double Patty Smash at Rockwell & Sons, Collingwood

IMHO the droolworthy Double Patty Smash, with Kraft cheese and special sauce, is Melbourne’s best burger.


11. The Pulled Pork & Gruyère Doughnuts at Hell of the North, Fitzroy

We’ll be peed off as hell if these delish savoury doughnuts ever get dropped from the menu at Fitzroy hotspot, Hell of the North.


12. The Chilli Cheese Fries at BOY & Co, Malvern

Curb your carb cravings at Malvern shake and fry joint, BOY & Co. So good they’ll bring a tear to your eye.


13. The Chicken Parma at Prahran Hotel, Prahran

Holy schnit, this parma is good. Crispy, juicy crumbed chicken, oodles of sauce, and cheese for days.


14. The Ricotta & Jam Cigars at Oasis Bakery, Murrumbeena

If it’s a sweet cheesy treat you seek, these ricotta and jam cigars are hella good. Drizzled with orange blossom syrup and sprinkled with crushed pistachios, they’ll slay that pesky sweet tooth.


15. The Le Jolie Bacon & Eggs at Le Jolie Cafe, Pascoe Vale

Creamy, dreamy scrambles served with cheese and bacon on a brioche bun. Jolly good stuff.


16. The Chilli Cheese Fries at Le Bon Ton, Collingwood

Fry me a river. Preferably full of the chilli cheese chippies from Le Bon Ton.


17. The Pea & Haloumi Fritters at Sardi, Hawthorn

Hawthorn’s Sardi does a breakfast of champions for Melbourne cheese fiends. The huge serve of pea and halloumi fritters comes with relish, bacon and poached eggs. Delish.


18. The Mack Toastie from TOASTA, Various Locations

This toastie-flingin’ food truck has lots of cheesy specials on rotation. Keen an eye out for ‘Mack’. Filled with mac ‘n’ cheese, obvs.


19. The Tuna Melt Spud at Spudbar, Various Locations

If canned fish if your thing, Spudbar does a tuna melt baked spud. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.


20. The Spinach & Feta Boreg at Sezar, Melbourne CBD

Kind of like Armenian spring rolls, served with super yum Aleppo pepper mayo.



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