Sexy Real-Life Mermen You Might Want To See

WORLD Warotter


1. You want to be where the mermen are.


2. You wanna see, wanna see them smiling.


3. Swimming around with those — what do you call ‘em? Oh, fins!


4. Movin’ your feet, you don’t get too far.


5. Fins are required for flipping, twirling.


6. Swimming along down a — what’s that word again? Reef!


7. Up where they swim, up where they lounge.


8. Up where they stay all day in the sun.


9. Wanderin’ free — wish you could be.


10. Part of that world.


11. What would you give if you could live in those waters?


12. What would you pay to spend a day warm on the sand?


13. Bet’cha on sand they understand.


14. Bet they don’t reprimand their partners.


15. Bright young humans, sick of runnin’.


16. Ready to swim!


17. And ready to know what the mermen know.


18. Ask ‘em your questions and get some answers.


19. What’s an iceberg and why does it — what’s the word? FREEEEEEEZE?


20. When’s it your turn?


21. Wouldn’t you love, love to explore that sea down below?


22. Out of the sea.


23. Wish you could be.


24. Part of that world.



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