Must-Try Hot Chocolates In London

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1. Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin is known for its unique ice cream concoctions, but it transitions into winter just fine. Made with artisan chocolate and veggie marshmallows, this warm and rich cocoa is the perfect companion for a browse around Camden Lock Market.


2. Rococo Chocolates

Rococo has three locations around London serving its signature organic hot chocolate. Dark and nuanced, the simple, no-frills drink will warm you from the inside out. You can even make it at home.


3. Verde & Company

Make Christmas shopping in Spitalfields Market even more festive by snagging a cup of Verde & Company’s creamy masterpiece to keep your hands warm and your tastebuds happy.


4. Dark Sugars

Dark Sugars

This Brick Lane favourite does a a range of yummy-looking hot chocolates, from chilli cocoa to caramel and white chocolate variations, so you’re sure to find something insanely tasty.


5. Choccywoccydoodah


This quirky chocolate shop and cafe in Soho is not messing around with their hot chocolates. Mugs come in three varieties – white, milk, and dark – and the bottom third of the cup is pure melted chocolate.


6. William Curley

For a gourmet experience, head to William Curley in Belgravia, where your favourite cosy drink gets a high-end makeover. While you’re there, you won’t be able to resist checking out the star chocolatier’s other goods.


7. Said

For the most beautiful mess you’ll ever see in your life, order a caramel hot chocolate from Soho’s Said, the London location for Rome’s oldest chocolatier. You’ll get a mug literally dripping in flavour, and nothing will ever be so good again.


8. Ruby Violet

Ruby Violet

This independent ice cream parlour in Tufnell Park is just as good at hot as it is at cold. Their thick and rich hot chocolate is a local favourite, and pairs well with any of their delicious homemade baked goods.


9. The Peckham Pelican

You can easily hang out all day in the Pelican, a cosy and beloved gastropub/arts venue in Peckham – and you mutsn’t leave before trying their sweet and creamy spin on hot chocolate.


10. Paul A Young

For a spicy twist on your favourite winter drink, check out the Aztec Hot Chocolate at Paul A Young’s locations in Bank, Camden, or Soho. The drink doubles down on the heat with an infusion of chili pepper and dark chocolate.


11. Scooter Caffé

This eclectic and charming café in Waterloo is a must-visit for lovers of rich and dark hot chocolates. Simple but endlessly tasty, their thick and tempting cup of cocoa is sure to lift your winter blues.


12. Jaz and Jules

Jaz and Jules

Spotted regularly at Broadway Market, Jaz and Jules has a killer range of hot chocolate options, including everything from a classic hot milk chocolate to a masala and chai infused concoction. Don’t miss out on a taste of the fan favourite, “Raspberry Dream”.


13. Rabot 1745

This Borough Market-based chocolatier and restaurant is a must for any chocolate lover. Rabot’s decadent hot chocolate is served with a light and fluffy chocolate whip, and best paired with a tasty baked good.


14. Cereal Killer Cafe

If you like your hot chocolate with a side of novelty, head to the Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane where, true to theme, they top off their intensely sweet hot cocoa with Lucky Charms cereal marshmallow.


15. Melt

Check out luxury chocolatier Melt in Notting Hill for a smooth and sophisticated hot chocolate. It may not look like anything special, but a lack of bells and whistles is made up for tenfold in flavour.



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