【Shopping street’s vibrancy is BACK】13 Unique posters from the Fuminosato shopping streets

WORLD Warotter

Today, unique posters that gone to the next level of sales promotion at Fuminosato shopping streets grabbing people’s attention and hearts.
60 writers and designers got together and made posters with sharp catch phrases, an idea to make there local shopping streets activate and lively once again.

Many thoughts and LOVE went in to the the pieces “Just come have a look, you don’t have to buy”

We’ll introduce some of their work here today.

1鳥藤商店(Chicken butcher) No,1 


 We have great BREASTS (the slogan above).


  We have great THIGHS. (slogan above)

2オカジマヤ酒店(Okazima-ya Sake Store)


Drunk drunk drunk druuuuuunk. Adult’s petrol station. Okazima-ya sake store.

with a caption of a store lady saying.. “I’m against Hangovers! because I want you to come again tomorrow.”

3鳥栄ツ (side dishes made by a butcher,Toriesu)


“I (Auntie) already prepared these, so you only have to deep fry them. They’ll be really crispy because they’re made with fresh panko(bread clumb)I made from a fresh loaf of bread”.

4ふんどしのなにわ小町(Naniwa komachi of fundoshi(old traditional mens underwear))


The opportunity was here.

5七福や (Shichifuku-ya)


Mabo-dofu (stir fried tofu in spicy sauce) manager was taught by a friend in china.

6焼肉 なかの(Yakiniku restaurant Nakano)


“wow…I can’t stop my carnal instinct…”

why don’t you have yakiniku (BBQ) at home?

7介護用品 YOU マルタカ (nursing care product YOU Marutaka)


Toilet came closer.   Toilet went farther.

Flush the “old age” down the toilet chair.

8ビューティーショップ ドリアン  (Beauty shop DURIAN)


Grandma says..you’re childish if you’re wearing make-up just for guys .

-we’ll be in charge of your beauty for your life, Durian

9チキンショップ マルチク  (Chicken shop Maruchiku)

cc9511d8dcd1c33849463783f0181164At our store, we don’t hide our secrets everything is completely visible from customers.

10下村電気 (Shitamura Electronic)


My shower doesn’t stop.


Could you tell me how to delete my browsing history?

-we go the extra mile in after care (slogan). Shitamura Electronic

11大嶋漬物店 Oshima pickle store


I’ve finally just realized.

This job is hard.

-thank you for your hard work. Oshima pickle store.

12 漬けもんや Tsukemon-ya   -Pickle storef9c457762e8b8fe36a69a3d38d095a1e

We rubbed salt in the wounds.


We locked it in dark for 1 month.

Abused vegetables are tasty.

13 魚ひろ Uohiro


You can serve it saying you cooked it.

we simmer. we grill. we deliver.


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