Foods You Won’t Believe They Exist

WORLD Warotter


1. Candy corn DOTS.

Candy corn DOTS.

Bad candy paired with a more inferior kind of candy!!


2. Grilled shrimp PRINGLES.

Grilled shrimp PRINGLES.

Kellogg Company / Via

Bubblegum prawn.


3. Canned liquid CEREAL.

Canned liquid CEREAL.

Brain-Twist Inc. / Via

Cereal milk with already-soggy chunks. Appetizing.


4. Watermelon OREOS.

Watermelon OREOS.

Nabisco / Via

Mmmm the best of summer combined.


5. Squeezable BACON.

Always sacrifice taste and presentability for convenience, they say.


6. Mint vanilla MILK.

Mint vanilla MILK.

TruMoo / Via Twitter: @bigyfoods

Liquid toothpaste!


7. Popcorn TIC TACS.

Popcorn TIC TACS.

Butter is a carb. Butter is candy. Butter is life. Eat more butter.


8. Pizza- and spaghetti-flavored SLUSHIES.

Pizza- and spaghetti-flavored SLUSHIES.

Whoever said pizza is just a solid food is wrong. PIzza can be so much more than that.


9. Rainbow sherbet CEREAL.

Rainbow sherbet CEREAL.

theimpulsivebuy CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: theimpulsivebuy


10. Peanut butter cup CANDY CORN.

Peanut butter cup CANDY CORN.

Maybe this was Brach’s way of admitting that candy corn flavor was…not so great of an idea.


11. Cheese-flavored KIT KAT.

Cheese-flavored KIT KAT.

Nestle / Via

Cheesy chocolate in theory seems like a good idea…?


12. This peach MILK.

This peach MILK.


13. Blue raspberry PEEPS.

Blue raspberry PEEPS.

Ah, there was a period where blue raspberry really had a moment in manufacturing history.


14. Peeps-flavored MILK.

Peeps-flavored MILK.

Prairie Farms / Via Twitter: @ksdknews

Maybe they form into peep-shaped puddles when they enter your stomach.


15. Passionfruit KIT KAT.

But, chocolate.


16. Mountain Dew CHEETOS.

FritoLay Japan / Via

FritoLay Japan / Via


17. Pizza BEER.

Pizza BEER.

Gone are the days of pizza AND beer. A+ for efficiency.


18. This curry CHOCOLATE.

This curry CHOCOLATE.

Basically blocks of curry. Might as well eat it over the toilet.


19. This veggie-filled ICE CREAM.

This veggie-filled ICE CREAM.

Twin Star / Via

It’s even making a face that admits its sad existence.



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