21 amazing google tricks you will need to try!!

WORLD Warotter

21.) You can use Google as a timer. type in Tick…tock…tick…tock…

20.) You can ask Google to calculate the tip.

19.) You can use Google to find out when a holiday is.

18.) You can look up movie release dates.

17.) You can use it like TV Guide and look up the schedules of all your favorite shows.


16.)  Get help deciding what to eat.

15.) You can have Google find songs.

14.) Find out the titles of books by your favorite authors.

13.) It can check on your flight.

12.) And tell times of sunrise and sunset.

11.) It’ll give you info about all companys.

10.) You can tell it to roll over—and it’ll do it for you. Just type in “do a barrel roll.”

9.) make it lean over just a little bit by telling it to “tilt.”

8.) Search for “recursion,” and you’ll get stuck.

7.)include an anagram in a search, Google will create anagrams out of the words you enter!

6.) joke if you’re just trying to define “anagram.”

5.) “Festivus,” brings up the sacred aluminum pole.

4.) enter “binary” or “hexadecimal.”

3.) Play a hidden game. Enter “Zerg Rush.”

2.) the meaning and etymology of any word.

1.) Lastly, type in “Google 1998″ for a retro version search engine.

Source: www.viralnova.com


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