Cute Amigurumi You Can Make Yourself

WORLD Warotter

1. Tiny Stegosaurus

Tiny Stegosaurus

mohu / Via

Too cute to go extinct.

2. Crochet Houses

Crochet Houses

Carmen / Via

Crochet up the perfect little neighborhood.

3. Elk Ring

Elk Ring

Anastasia / Via

Just the adorable addition your jewelry box needs!

4. Little Elephant

Little Elephant

mohu / Via

Make your own little zoo, starting with the cutest baby elephant.

5. Amigurumi Buddy

Amigurumi Buddy

Karina Tene / Via

Up, up and away!

6. Kitten Keychain

Kitten Keychain

The Sun and the Turtle / Via

Skip the tassel and add an adorable little kitten to your tote bags this season.

7. Christmas Elves

Christmas Elves

Jenn / Via

Just in time to get started on your holiday DIY decor!

8. No-calorie Cake

No-calorie Cake

LT Blogged / Via

Cake without the calories?! Like a dream come true.

9. Tea Cup Pincusion

Tea Cup Pincusion

Jenn / Via

No cuter way to keep your sewing pins in place.

10. Super Stars

Super Stars

mohu / Via

Use these sweet little stars as tree ornaments or turn them into garland!

11. R2-D2


Claireabellemakes / Via

For all your favorite Star Wars geeks.

12. Happy Molar

Happy Molar

Dennis van den Brink / Via

Definitely cuter than the real thing!

13. Señor Blanco

Señor Blanco

vvonder / Via

An alpaca with the perfect hair/scarf combo!

14. Holiday Pals

Holiday Pals

Dennis van den Brink / Via

Santa and the whole gang.

15. Guilt Free Donuts

Guilt Free Donuts

LT Blogged / Via

Any excuse is a good excuse for donuts.

16. Chubby Sheep

Chubby Sheep

Marie in NYC / Via

Make up chubby little sheep in any color combo imaginable.

17. Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi Dolls

Little Things Blogged / Via

Adorable crochet versions of the traditionally wooden dolls.

18. Ice Cream Garland

Ice Cream Garland

Mamma DIY / Via

It’s always summer when you’ve got ice cream garland hanging around.

19. Fat Unicorn

Fat Unicorn

mohu / Via

Who says unicorns aren’t real?

20. Couple Cake Topper

Couple Cake Topper

Fickle Sense / Via

The ultimate vow of love. In crochet form.

21. Little Penguin

Little Penguin

Anastasia / Via

It doesn’t get much better than a tiny penguin in an oversized hat!

22. Tiny Teapots

Tiny Teapots

Carmen / Via

For the cutest little tea party ever.

23. Potato Beach Bear

Potato Beach Bear

Mayree / Via

day at the beach never looked so adorable.



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