Gifts You Should Get For Someone Who Loves Outer Space

WORLD Warotter


1. Dreaming Of Space Throw Blanket

Dreaming Of Space Throw Blanket

Stay cozy, nerds.


2. Purple Nebula Ceiling Mural

Purple Nebula Ceiling Mural



3. Phases of the Moon Mug

Phases of the Moon Mug

Let’s be real, this is cool AF.


4. Mercury, Apollo, and Space Shuttle Poster Set

Mercury, Apollo, and Space Shuttle Poster Set

For the one who loves some spacey decor.


5. Laser Twilight Stars Projector

Laser Twilight Stars Projector

Um, how freakin’ cool is this?


6. Solar System Bracelet

Solar System Bracelet

Wear the universe on your wrist.


7. Planetary Lollipops

Planetary Lollipops

Hmm, outer space tastes quite delicious.


8. Space Shuttle Orbiter Flash Drive

Space Shuttle Orbiter Flash Drive

Save your shit on a shuttle.


9. Mars Travel Poster

Mars Travel Poster

One can dream, right?


10. Occupy Mars Hoodie

Occupy Mars Hoodie

Very clever.


11. Mars Spinning Globe

18 Gifts That Are Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Outer Space

Get this spinny thing here.


12. Fisher Bullet Space Pen With Shuttle

Fisher Bullet Space Pen With Shuttle

For the one whose gorgeous handwriting is out of this world.


13. Space Surfing Tee

Space Surfing Tee

Cowabunga, baby!


14. NASA Greater Than Average Shirt

NASA Greater Than Average Shirt

For the one who’s totally into silly tees.


15. Earth from Space Rug

Earth from Space Rug

For the person who just wants to fall off the face of the Earth.


16. Planet Necklace

Planet Necklace

Wear your fave on your neck.


17. Milky way Shower Curtain

Milky way Shower Curtain

For an extra-luxurious shower.


18. Full Moon Necklace

Full Moon Necklace

It’ll go with everything, tbh.



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