Gifts Every Unicorn Lover Will Absolutely Adore

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1. These dream-come-true sheer socks:

These dream-come-true sheer socks:

Get them here ($7.50).


2. This magical unicorn necklace:

This magical unicorn necklace:

Get it here ($17.99).


3. This dainty unicorn dish:

This dainty unicorn dish:

Get it here ($18).


4. These darling unicorn ballet flats:

These darling unicorn ballet flats:

Buy them here ($39.99).


5. This notebook that’s literally YOU:

This notebook that's literally YOU:

Get it here ($14.75).


6. This totally genius unicorn corkscrew:

This totally genius unicorn corkscrew:

Ge it here ($16.50).


7. This glittery unicorn bag:

This glittery unicorn bag:

Buy it here ($44.99).


8. This cozy AF unicorn onesie:

This cozy AF unicorn onesie:

Buy it here ($36.95).


9. This adorable unicorn light:

This adorable unicorn light:

Buy it here ($14.99).


10. This incredible tee:

This incredible tee:

Get it here ($45).


11. These positively wondrous slipper boots:

These positively wondrous slipper boots:

Buy them here ($27).


12. This crazy cool bag:

This crazy cool bag:

Buy it here ($32).


13. This tee that gets your priorities:

This tee that gets your priorities:

Get it here ($29.99).


14. These spectacular converter gloves:

These spectacular converter gloves:

Buy them here ($18).


15. These one-of-a-kind sunglasses:

These one-of-a-kind sunglasses:

Get it here ($55).


16. These special unicorn socks:

These special unicorn socks:

Get them here ($10).


17. This necklace that speaks your truth:

This necklace that speaks your truth:

Get it here ($28).


18. These super cute little socks:

These super cute little socks:

Get them here ($7.50).


19. These reflective pink earrings:

These reflective pink earrings:

Get them here ($22).


20. These unicorn string lights:

These unicorn string lights:

Get them here ($24.80).


21. These magically sexy over-the-knee unicorn tights:

These magically sexy over-the-knee unicorn tights:

Get them here ($8.50).


22. This drink-worthy hip flask:

This drink-worthy hip flask:

Get it here $18).


23. And lastly, this gin that’s supposed to taste like unicorn tears (aka pure magic):

And lastly, this gin that's supposed to taste like unicorn tears (aka pure magic):

Get it here ($60).


Feel the ~magic~.

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