Giant 18 pound LOBSTER caught! Estimated over 75 year old.

WORLD Warotter

Joe Norton, owner of Mullaney's Fish Market with "Luke Oceanwalker." (Photo courtesy: Joe Norton, owner of Mullaney's Fish Market - Facebook)

A giant lobster was caught off the coast of Massachusetts in the US on July 17. It weighed 18 pound (8.1kg).
The man who found it is Joe Norton, owner of Mullaney’s Fish Market in Scituate said “The one-pound lobsters average 5 to 7 years old, so at 18 pounds, we figure he’s about 75. It’s hard to tell the exact age when they get that big because there’s no rings like a tree.”
The lobster was named “Luke Oceanwalker”,it quickly became popular at the fish market and many people visit him.

Norton said it could have sold for at least $100 but a lobster this amazing should not end its life on a dinner plate. He and his staff thought about selling it at first but they got to the decision that they can not do it.”

The lobster was set free on Friday.





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