Oklahoma Teacher Got Arrested After Turning Up To School On Her First Day Drunk And Wearing No Pants!

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A new teacher Lorie Ann Hill, 49, in Wagoner, Oklahoma in the US, was arrested after turning up at the school on her first day both drunk and without pants.

She was found slumped over the desk by two teachers in an empty classroom. She smelled of alcohol and was missing pants.

By the time police arrived, she was in the principal’s office, and someone had managed to find a pair of shorts for her to wear.

Police found an empty cup that smells of vodka. 



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・She’d brow me a few meters away if she punches me.


・The mugshot is not focused.. The officer must have been shaking by horror

・Who said “show me an orga”? Where is a woman?

・It’s a middle boss level

・New genre: Creature kind teacher

・America is the authentic place of monsters.

・I’ll pee myself if I see someone like that on a street.

・It’s so right to arrest her. 

・She could be reported to police even when she’s not drunk.

・It must have been SUPER funny to find this person slumped over a desk with only underwear pants on.

・Arnold Achwarzenegger is coming out of her, right?



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