Heavy Rain And Flood Warnings All Over The World! But It’s Just A Playground For Some People.

WORLD Warotter


Lately, we are getting abnormal weather such as torrential rains in summers.

There was even an evacuation warning for flooding  in one of the cities in Germany.

However. Some guys find it funny and have fun with it. They play while others evacuate the area.


It looks like this guy is having a vacation.

People commented about this photo online

 ●It looks fun. He knows what he should do.

↑That’s only if you don’t fall in the water. The water is very dirty with mud, oil and rubbish.

↑Water is very brown.

↑You might even get struck by a lightning.

●Hello from Amsterdam.

●And him.

●It might be fun but very dangerous.

●Is this in Boston?

↑No, it’s somewhere in Europe.

●Munster in Germany

Same place on a sunny days.

It is a good thing to have a margin in your heart but you should not do those things on a disastrous situations.

Get to a safe place immediately when there’s a warning for heavy rain and lightnings.

Huge thunderstorm hits my City, everyone is taking shelter, not this guy though



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