【Burn CALORIES!】Top 10 foods what help your body loose weight.

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The season for short sleeve T-shirts is here again!

I bet a lot of people are on diet for the coming summer.

★I’ll tell you Top 10 foods you can eat that helps your body to burn calories and loose weight easily.
Most of them are available in supermarkets and easily eaten.♪

Celery’s main component is water. So it’s really low on calorie and great to have while you’re on a diet. Although, it’s not a good nutritional balance to only eat celery, so have celery with all other different food.

Grapefruit is low on calorie and yet it gives you satisfaction. Also, it contains fiber which stable blood glucose level.  It’s very good to add to fruit salad or smoothies, and also drink it as juice.

③Green Tea
Green tea contains high antioxidant and boosts your metabolism.
It gets hot in summer but you should drink hot green tea instead of cold juice.

④Whole Grain Products
Whole grain products means brown rice, sprouted brown rice, and whole grain wheat etc., natural grain that’s not bleached.
It takes longer to digest and stays in stomach longer. Also, they contain a lot of minerals,vitamins and carbohydrates with very little fat.

Omega-3 is a type of unsaturated fatty acids and it’s scientifically proven that it helps boost metabolism.

It doesn’t get produced in human bodies so you need to get it from food.
There are supplement pills for it but it’s best to take it from eating tuna, herring, salmon, walnut or perilla etc..

Caffeine increases  heart rate and burns more calories by sending more oxygen into blood.

But it won’t work if you put lots of milk and sugar in it, so why don’t you try  cinnamon?

Avocado contains unsaturated fatty acid and it speeds up your metabolism, protect cells from losing active oxygen.
As well, it gets cholesterol down, good for eyes and hair… it’s just full of nutrition!

Eat it with tomatoes and sea salt, add sliced avocado to peas and spinach salad, or make smoothies with cinnamon and coconut milk for breakfast.

⑧Spicy Seasonings
Things that speed up burning calories, spicy seasonings like cayenne pepper and hot sauce.
They are also low on calorie so let’s add it to the day to day meals.

⑨Chia seed

Chia is a species of flowering plant in the mint family. Its seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is very popular in the U.S, as a miracle food.

It also contains protein and fiber as well as omega-3 fatty acids and it suppress appetite and gets metabolism up.
It fills you up more when you add it in your smoothies or yogurt.
Look for it online if you can’t find it at your local supermarkets.


⑩Brazilian Nuts
Brazilian nuts helps to boost metabolism, cellulite suppression, helps immune system.

You can make Brazil nut milk by adding vanilla and cardamom, make salad and fruit with mango and papaya. Of course, it is recommended to eat as a snack as it is!

Let’s change our eating habits in everyday life!!


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