Everyone Is Freaking Out About The Fact A Sex Toy Company Tweeted About 9/11

WORLD Warotter

Every year various company’s on Twitter try to commemorate 9/11. This year, Fleshlight decided to tweet:

Today is 13th anniversary of 9/11. We remember those lost, & honor those still fighting for freedom. #911NeverForget

(Fleshlight is a company that makes latex sex toys for men.)

After Fleshlight posted its #NeverForget tweet, Twitter kind of exploded with users are not really sure what to think.

That awkward moment when the Fleshlight Twitter account does a better job of remembering 9/11 than the @WhiteHouse or@BarackObama accounts.

I wasn’t going to reflect on 9/11 this year… But then our friends at Fleshlight reminded me https://t.co/1oDJFTytOP…

Yep, as you masturbate with your latex vagina hidden in a torch, please remember the victims of 9/11 #nvr4gthttps://t.co/eFh1SZ88Np

Hopefully being honoured by Fleshlight will allow the ghosts of those killed on 9/11 to find some peace.

apparently fleshlight tweeted about 9/11 this morning i am so done with this world

@Fleshlight @BuzzFeedAndrew I refuse to believe this is real even though I’m looking right at it.

When will company’s finally understand that maybe they just don’t need to post about 9/11?

Source : buzzfeed.com


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