Grandparents Are Way Better At Using The Internet And Here Is Proof

WORLD Warotter

1. They’re always up on the top new gadgets:

They're always up on the hot new gadgets:

2. They have your back, no matter what.

They have your back, no matter what. Even if they don't know who Rihanna is:

3. They help you with your self-esteem.

They help you with your self-esteem:

4. They tell it straight.

They tell it like it is:

5. They’re always right here.

They're always right here:

6. They have awesome hobbies:

They have fascinating hobbies:

7. They’re emotional.

They're not afraid to be emotional:

8. They try new things.

They aren't afraid to try new things:

9. They’re philosophical.

They're philosophical:

10. They love hip hop.

They love hip hop:

11. They really know what they want.

They know what they want:

12. They actually do care.

They actually care:

13. They’re always talking about recipes.

They're always talking about the hottest recipes:

14. They have the best names.

They have the best names:

15. They’re empathetic.

They're empathetic:

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