Travel Ads That Will Make You Rethink Your Next Holiday Destination

WORLD Warotter

1. Leavenworth, Washington’s Bavarian Hip Hop Music Video

2. Thorne Travel Agency (Scotland)’s Stunt Man in a Dress Fail

Spoiler alert: A little girl abandons her Mickey Mouse stuffed animal in this ad, which is going viral on Twitter.

3. Swiss Deluxe Hotels’ Super Creepy Ad

Swiss Deluxe Hotels' Super Creepy Ad

You’ll never feel 100% safe in a hotel again.

4. De Lijn Bus Company’s Dire Warning

Because you never know when a predator will attack.

5. X-Travel’s Wait… What?

You should always celebrate a crash landing, right? No.

6. Singapore’s Trippy Promo

7. Virgin Holidays for Mexico’s Alcohol Ad

8. India’s (but also Scotland?) Word Confusion

India's (but also Scotland?) Word Confusion

What does this even mean?

9. Braniff Airlines’ Vintage Sexism

Sexy cabin attendants are still the main selling point of airlines.

10. Australia Tourism’s Surprise Ending

It really seems fine until the shocking conclusion.

Bonus video: Shetland Ponies in Cardigans for Visit Scotland

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