Best Naughty Holiday Sweaters

WORLD Warotter


1. These Raunchy Reindeer.

These Raunchy Reindeer.

Bring them home for the holidays here.


2. These Nutty Nutcrackers.

These Nutty Nutcrackers.

Join them for a round the nog here.


3. These pairs of climaxing caribou.

These pairs of climaxing caribou.

Make it a fivesome here.


4. These polar bears want to join in on the fun.

These polar bears want to join in on the fun.

Get it here. Get the matching hat (because come on, it’s a MATCHING HAT) here.


5. This sneaky carrot-stealing snowman.

This sneaky carrot-stealing snowman.

Take a bite, here.


6. These Holiday Hunks.

These Holiday Hunks.

Making your Christmas dreams come true here.


7. This Slutty Snowman.

This Slutty Snowman.

Join in on that 3-D (haha, get it?) action here.


8. These Subtle Carrot noses.

These Subtle Carrot noses.

Direct peoples’ attention away from your boobs here.


9. This Censored Statement.

This Censored Statement.

Wish everyone a Merry F*ckin’ Christmas here.


10. This Xmas Pun.

This Xmas Pun.

Paint ‘em green and red for the season here.


11. And last but never least…

And last but never least...

This classic, right over here.

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