Perfect New Year’s Resolutions For Twentysomethings

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1. Confront something you’re afraid of.

Confront something you're afraid of.


Whether it’s ending a relationship, writing that novel, or exorcising ghosts from your house — take a risk next year.


2. Get serious about your health.

Get serious about your health.


Whether you start eating better, working out more, or schedule regular visits with a doctor, protect the only body you have by taking proper care of it.


3. Switch up your style.

Switch up your style.


Experiment with a new haircut and let the haters get excited!


4. Help someone in need.

Help someone in need.


Reach out to a friend who’s having a hard time or donate a free weekend to volunteer. Every action you take outside of yourself can change someone else’s life.


5. Be bad.

Be bad.


Don’t, like, murder anyone unless you’ve got Viola Davis on retainer, but there’s nothing wrong with staying out a little too late, drinking a little too much, or sleeping with the wrong people every now and again. To quote the iconic NBC television show Smash, “Let’s be bad. Some like it hot and that ain’t bad!”


6. Get better at communicating.

Get better at communicating.


Yeah, we get it, you don’t like listening to voicemails. But don’t be an asshole about responding to invitations or inquiries. Respect other people’s time.


7. Family drama is not your drama.

Family drama is not your drama.


You’re an adult now and that means you will be at odds with your parents on your life choices, distant family members on political views, and siblings on how jealous or judgmental of you they may be. Family squabbles are fun to watch on TV, but keep yourself free of stress by keeping distance from unnecessary drama.


8. Explore a new city.

Explore a new city.


So you’ve always wanted to live in San Francisco? New York? Berlin? You may think your current job ties you down, but there are ALWAYS opportunities to start a new journey. Explore your options and just do what your heart tells you.


9. Don’t downplay your success.

Don't downplay your success.


If you’re good at what you do, people will notice, and if you shrink back and refused to let that love flow in, you’ll miss other opportunities. You don’t have to be a nonstop brag, but you CAN enjoy the gifts of praise that come your way.


10. Live your best life.

Live your best life.


You’re afraid of taking selfies in public? Of being overzealous about a new artist you like? Have no shame in your game. If you’re feeling your look TAKE that selfie and crop out any sleeping babies that will detract from your likes.


11. Learn a new language.

Learn a new language.


It doesn’t have to be French or Mandarin, there are countless languages in this world that humans communicate in. Learn how to play an instrument, learn how to code, or learn how to write a short story.


12. Stop playing those Lana del Rey “Video Games.”

Stop playing those Lana del Rey "Video Games."


Excise people who aren’t growing up from your life. It’s OK to have friends who you go out to party with, but those friends should also respect your upward mobility and have aspirations of their own.


13. Treat yourself!

Treat yourself!


Go on a vacation, buy that expensive outfit you’ve had your eye on, or take yourself out to a fancy dinner. Waiting for your birthday or Christmas to do something for yourself is not the move.


14. Spend more time with your friends.

Spend more time with your friends.


A relationship is great, but foster relationships with your friends. Because at the end of the day, you should always be able to have a good time and talk about your life with someone you’re not sleeping with.


15. Turn up at a friend’s wedding.

Turn up at a friend's wedding.


Slay the damn dance floor and turn heads because that is how you get laid at a wedding.


16. Be blind to the competition.

Be blind to the competition.


Don’t worry about thirsty enemies: When you’re excelling at something (or stumbling), it’s pointless to compare yourself to others. Don’t waste all your time trying to beat someone else, beat yourself.


17. Listen to Season 2 of Serial.

Listen to Season 2 of Serial.


Girl, all these think pieces are fucking exhausting. The entire season has been a thrilling viral hit so donate some money to NPR and get ready to talk about the second season, whatever it may be.


18. Take a cooking class.

Take a cooking class.


If you’re a horrible cook, then learn how to cook a simple dish. If you’re a good cook, then learn something from a master. If you’re like, the winner of Top Chef or something, ignore this.


19. Embrace romance.

Embrace romance.


Sometimes dating can get exhausting and a relationship can turn mundane. Find ways to turn regular things into the stuff Nicholas Sparks movies are made of, without the terminal illness.


20. Challenge the status quo.

Challenge the status quo.


If something isn’t working out at your job or someone isn’t fully letting you be the boss you know you can be, take the steps to correct that. Don’t let someone put you in a box just because they have more “clout” than you.


21. Stop taking shit.

Stop taking shit.


Racist internet commenters. Bad friends. They’re all the same. Do you and let everyone else stay pressed.

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