【Hot Topic】Old childhood doodling becomes T-shirt in UK, thanks to Twitter users!

WORLD Warotter

A Japanese man tweeted this without expecting anything…

 ”  I found this doodle from my old notebook… I wonder what was happening to me when I drew these….””

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   Re-tweets          Favorite

“” Thanks to you guys, my old doodling tweet has spread like crazy online and now… It’ll be sold as T-shirt in UK from next week! Thank you everyone.””


This is how it happened…

He found the drawing in his old notebook when he was cleaning up his room and tweeted about it for no reason.

It spread like crazy

A T-shirts company in UK liked it, contacted him and said…

” Let’s make it into T-shirts!””

They produced T-shirts with the design on


Starting the sale in UK next week

jpg large


This is how people reacted to the story.

It’s a story of dreams. Congratulations. 


Are you going to UK then?


I wish I were him.


UK is crazy to make that into T-shirts! Congrats anyway.


I want to give this to my grown up son who is a big fond of the tank engine as a present!


That’s amazing! You really would never know where the opportunities could come from.


Here’s some more comments.

-2014-06-17 16:33:15

It’s quite a taste.

-2014-06-17 16:35:25

I kind of expected something erotic after seeing the first drawing of the tank engine.

-2014-06-17 16:36:35

I wonder what happens to the copyright. It could be called something completely different to the tank engine

-2014-06-17 16:38:43

You don’t even know if he’ll get any money from it anyway… Who’s gonna  buy it???

-2014-06-17 16:39:08

So… it’s basically just something in Thomas shape.

-2014-06-17 16:43:03

Where is the need for this kind of stuff?

-2014-06-17 16:44:34

Wow… F…fa..fa…fashionable….!

-2014-06-17 16:45:19

They used it just as it is… ha



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