The Cutest Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

WORLD Warotter


1. BFFs 4EVA:


It starts at $20.

2. All dressed in white:

All dressed in white:

This colorful topper starts at $26.48.

3. Tweet tweet:

Tweet tweet:

Think about when your guests inevitably tweet a photo of this topper — TWITCEPTION. Order on Etsy.

4. Let them eat cake:

Let them eat cake:

This topper starts at $15.

5. Bullets and kisses:

Bullets and kisses:

The couple who enjoys hunting can snap this up for $35.

6. I love you:

I love you:

This gorgeous topper is $39.00.

7. Love is all you need:

Love is all you need:

If you love this topper, it’s $18.

For a clean, minimalistic look, try a silhouette cake topper. You also won’t have to deal with customizing hair color, eye color, skin color, and more.

8. For the dog who is constantly thinking “my humans are crazy”:

For the dog who is constantly thinking "my humans are crazy":

Only $19!

9. Up top:

Up top:

A high five is priceless. Strike that, this high five is $17.40.

10. “WHERE IS SHE?”:


This topper will set the ultimate Batman fan back $18.

11. Raise your hands in the air:

Raise your hands in the air:

Is this a wedding reception or an EPIC DANCE PARTY??? Only $17.40!

12. I wanna dance with somebody:

I wanna dance with somebody:

Your wallet will be dancing for joy since this topper is only $17.

13. Work it out:

Work it out:

Lift up $17.40.

14. In a galaxy far, far away:

In a galaxy far, far away:

Good news, the Star Wars-obsessed couple will only have to pay $18!

15. Kiss and tell:

Kiss and tell:

Glitter? Check. Adorable mustache? Check. Only $28? Check.

Or maybe a just a plain ol’ cute topper is all you need.

16. Just married:

Just married:

This incredibly detailed topper — look at that car! — starts at $39.95.

17. Getting handsy:

Getting handsy:

Put your hand in your wallet and shell out $44.99 for this cute topper.

18. “Just one more level!”:

"Just one more level!":

Well, marriage is kind of like advanced warfare… isn’t it? This topper will set you back $75.

19. Side by side:

Side by side:

This so-adorable-you’re-crying topper starts at $72.

20. Happy feet:

Happy feet:

OK, so it might start at $99 but LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE PENGUIN FACES.

21. Or if you just want a topper that celebrates all of the fun you’re about to have with your best friend:

Or if you just want a topper that celebrates all of the fun you're about to have with your best friend:

This one is a bit pricey at $101.26 — but it’s also freakin’ hilarious.

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