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Mind-Blowing Nail Art Of 2015

1. This amazing ode to the new year. @britneytokyo / Via 2. This Harry Potter inspired manicure. Lexi Martone / Via 3. This geometric look Zoë Kravitz wore to Coachella. @britneytokyo / Via 4. These dreamy holographs. @britneytokyo / Via


These Tiny 3-D Sweater Nail Art Are Purely Amazing

  Ahhhh, Sweater Weather. @sanjapopovic1984 / Via Instagram:   It’s the most joyous time of the year. @nat.lipiec / Via Instagram:   And this year, women are taking it to another level: Sweater nails. @malibulover...


Magically Beautiful Unicorn Tattoos

  1. A watercolor technique makes this unicorn feel like it walked out of a dream:   2. Two thumbs up for these matching beauties:   3. This is like a constellation/connect-the-dots mashup and it’s...