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Stunningly Beautiful Tattoos Inspired By Great Books

  1. Nicole N / From Matilda.   2. Natalie Pohorski / From The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.   3. From the Moomintroll series.   4. Sarah Travis / / tattoo by Instagram: @mizmeltattoos From Madeline....


Stunning Tattoo Sleeves That Are Unbelievably Awesome

  1. This lush magical sleeve:   2. This flourishing tat:   3. This whimsical air and water theme:   4. This delicate solar system:   5. This eye-catching geometric look:   6. This dainty...


Here’s Why You Need To Get A Tim Burton Tattoo

  1. Jack Skellington deserves to be framed on your body.   2. Nothing really beats a Tim Banksy tattoo.   3. Edward’s soulful eyes CAN be captured perfectly in ink.   4. Tim’s Cheshire...