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Perfect Gifts For Big Movie Fans

  1. This illustration of Edward Scissorhands, Sloth fromThe Goonies, and Pee Wee Herman playing Wheel of Fortune with host Pat Sajak. THIS IS THE WORLD’S FINEST TREASURE. Get it here.   2. This wine rack...


Gifts Every Unicorn Lover Will Absolutely Adore

  1. These dream-come-true sheer socks: Get them here ($7.50).   2. This magical unicorn necklace: Get it here ($17.99).   3. This dainty unicorn dish: Get it here ($18).   4. These darling unicorn ballet flats: Buy them here ($39.99).   5. This notebook that’s literally YOU:


Delicious Food You Can Make In A Toaster Oven

  1. Chicken & Waffle Cookies Photo by Max Bartick / Via Why’d the chicken cross the road? To be made into a COOKIE. Recipe here.   2. Cinnamon, Ginger, and Brown Sugar Baked Grapefruit Photo by...