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Here’re Some Of The Most Expensive Pictures In The World

  1. $609,600 for Ansel Adams’ Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1948. Ansel Adams / Via   2. $643,200 for Robert Mapplethorpe’s Andy Warhol, 1987. Robert Mapplethorpe / Via   3. $686,500 for Eugène Atget’s Joueur d’Orgue, 1898–1899. Eugène Atget /...


Mind-Blowing Nail Art Of 2015

1. This amazing ode to the new year. @britneytokyo / Via 2. This Harry Potter inspired manicure. Lexi Martone / Via 3. This geometric look Zoë Kravitz wore to Coachella. @britneytokyo / Via 4. These dreamy holographs. @britneytokyo / Via


Foods You Won’t Believe They Exist

  1. Candy corn DOTS. Bad candy paired with a more inferior kind of candy!!   2. Grilled shrimp PRINGLES. Kellogg Company / Via Bubblegum prawn.   3. Canned liquid CEREAL. Brain-Twist Inc. / Via Cereal...